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Très très courts

Ode aux aidants

Tout le monde n’a pas la chance d’être, comme je l’ai été,
Par mes proches, aussi formidablement accompagné.
L’épreuve arrive comme ça. Sans propos liminaires elle s’infiltre en... [+]


The Moon in the Stars

Captain Pouic is beside himself. Tibou has disappeared! The captain’s concern is magnified by the darkness that has swallowed the ship, a sliver of cloud now covering the moon. 
He motions... [+]

Finalist - Jury Faites sourire 2018 - Jeunesse

Mister Rainbow’s Blue Bananas

Down on the beach, Mister Rainbow was sitting under a palm tree, looking out to sea. A child came up to him.
— Hello, my name is Quentin, and I would like to ask you an important question.
... [+]

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