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Nicole Arch

Nicole Arch is an English and Music major at UNC Chapel Hill pursuing an honors thesis in Creative Writing. When she's not writing another poem or short story, you can often find her reading, singing, or, if she has time, crushing her friends at board games.


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Joseph Arch

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Jade Hardwick

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Abigail Malach

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Menaka Kumar

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Keerthik Iyer

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Lisa Metzger

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Bob Payne

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Jordan Taylor

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Jada Poteat

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Hunter Hoyle

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Hoanvu Nguyen

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Alexander Pendzick

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Grant Agar

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Scott Amaranto

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Phillip Register

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Jessica Wishart

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Sarah Arch

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K.C. Barrus

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Fernando Pérez

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Sam Galloway

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Jordan Lingao

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Ruth Jeffers

I'm a junior at UNC Chapel Hill studying creative nonfiction and environmental studies. I live for writing, weaving plastic bags into baskets, and climbing mountains/hills/rocks. I hope my writing ... [+]

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Noah Cohen-Vogel

Noah Cohen-Vogel is an English major and Hispanic Studies minor at UNC-Chapel Hill. Fool that he is, he squanders away his free time with tabletop games, miniature painting, singing, and bad movies ... [+]

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Grace Stroup

Grace Stroup is a senior majoring in English and Religious Studies with a Concentration in Creative Writing. Her short story Eggs is included in the Spring 2020 issue of Cornell University’s ... [+]