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Madison Wommack

Hi! I am a junior Economics major and English minor at UNC-CH! I am planning to attend law school, but more recently got into poetry!


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Lisa Norris

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Bailee Brandon

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Linda Mulvihill

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Kaylee Wommack

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Spenser Smith

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Abby McConnell

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Emily Hynes

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Abigail Armstrong

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Isabella Ukariwo

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Kayleen May

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Cynthia WRd

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Kristin McCarthy

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Lisa Stander

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Madison Wommack

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Alexander Chambers

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Kim Burleson

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Colleen Morgan

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Anna Wrenn

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Jasmine Elizabeth

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Kedra McCall

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Ella Sullivan

Ella Sullivan is a current undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism through Hussman School of Media and Journalism ... [+]

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J. Raynaud

French, what else ? Premier roman : La séparation, éd° L'ire de l'ours, 2022. Kindle via Amazon. And a comic play ... [+]

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Felix Culpa

Felix Culpa is passionate about fantasy literature and philosophy. He has written several collections of short stories around these themes. He also loves music and started writing songs very early on ... [+]