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J.T. Hamilton

J.T. Hamilton is a writer who lives in a trailer. Once a computer engineer from Chicago, IL, he now tours the United States full time with a laptop and his unbelievably supportive wife. His previous work has been published in Terse Journal and The Arkansas Literary Forum. Find him on Twitter @J_T_Hamilton or buy him a coffee at

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Jon Huggins

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Linda Turner

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Marwah Abuhandara

My love for writing sparked a flame in me when I was a child. I used to listen closely to the stylized songs my father would sing to my mom each morning. Each lyrical masterpiece conveyed such depth  [+]

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Diane D. Gillette

Diane D. Gillette is a writer and college professor living in Chicago with her partner and their two spoiled cats. She has an MFA from Emerson College and an MAT from the University of Chicago. He  [+]

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Zachary Kellian

Zachary Kellian is an Irish-American author currently residing in Seattle, Washington. He is the editor of Orca: A Literary Journal and has published numerous short stories over the last few years  [+]

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Simone Martel

Berkeley writer, Simone Martel, is the author of a novel, A Cat Came Back, a memoir, The Expectant Gardener, and a story collection, Exile’s Garden  [+]