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JessieAnne DAmico

JessieAnne D'Amico is an emerging writer and editor living with her dog Tango in a little yellow house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She enjoys writing about the body, sexuality, experiences of being a woman, and whatever else she can’t get off her mind. When she’s procrastinating writing, JessieAnne is probably thrifting midcentury furniture or reading from her shelf of “too many” books.


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Wendy Routson

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Stephanie Elizondo Griest

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Jacque Colclasure

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Brian Hughes

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Christine Mikeska

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chase riggs

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Alex Kenneke

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Erin VanKleeck

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madeline chandler

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Sofia Benbahmed

Sofia Oumhani Benbahmed is a 32 year old resident of Durham, North Carolina, and a student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2021 her essay “Ant Chalk” was published in The ... [+]

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Lysander Champion

Lysander Champion is a transgender writer with deep roots in the foothills of North Carolina. He now lives in New Jersey, where he teaches eighth grade English during the day and writes stories at ... [+]