Jane Suen

Jane Suen is a transplant to the American south where she has taken a liking to grits, iced tea, and snow cones, a fav summertime treat.

She writes multi-genre books (middle grade mystery, sci-fi thrillers, uplit) and short stories. Her selection of short stories, Beginnings and Endings, is permafree.

Short Fiction


I didn’t feel any older today, but I was. The fading yellowed calendar hung from a bent nail on the wall, flipped to the month of July. The red circle around the number nine, like a bullseye, drew... [+]

Finalist - Jury Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction

I Ain’t Afraid of Nothin’

I still have the scar. It's about three inches long, a quarter of an inch wide. Under the thin veneer of the translucent epidermis, the dirt-engrained flesh is visible underneath. I touch it with my... [+]

Qualified Set Stories Free 2018