Henry Tran

Henry Quoc Tran is a multi-hobby dabbler and software engineer from Milpitas. He's dipped his toes into traditional painting, pixel art, music production, and video-editing among other things. As a teenager in the South Bay suburbs, Henry and his friends would take BART up to San Francisco for concerts, thrifting in the Mission, and taking photos. Having only written small poems and blog posts prior, Henry utilized his love for movies, San Francisco, and Asian-American culture to weave his first written short story.

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Short Fiction

Durians, and The Monster We Face

An elderly Vietnamese woman pushes a small metal cart full of groceries through the entryway of the train. The train is an empty yet incredibly loud function, due to a boy obnoxiously playing ClikClok ... [+]

Finalist - Jury BART Lines 2022 - Short Fiction