Carol lives in the Richmond,Virginia area in the United States with her husband and rescue cats.

Besides her writing, Carol tutors reading for adults, sings in a rock band, and investigates the paranormal. She taught earth science, worked in information technology, and was a commercial radio DJ.

She's still considering what she wants to be when she grows up.

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Short Fiction

More than Meets the Eye


“Under the blood-red Moon, it towers over us. Without a voice, it makes itself understood. The front door, to the denizens of the unknown, creaks open...”
“Really, Phil?” David was ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction



There was a change in the classroom that morning. Something made the room unfamiliar. As the children filed in and slid onto the seats of their desks, they saw the reason. A new boy was standing with ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018