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AJ Rocca

A.J. is a writer and English teacher from Chicago. He specialized in the study of speculative fiction while pursuing his M.A., and now he writes both SFF criticism as well as his own short fiction. His work an be found collected at his website:


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Kristan  Short Édition

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Zayn Parker

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Tristan Drue Rogers

Tristan Drue Rogers has had his writing and poetry featured in literary magazines and anthologies. He lives with his lovely wife Sarah and their children in Texas. Website ... [+]

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Meredith Lacuve

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merak alive

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Jennifer Peaslee

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mok maggie

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A.M. Dodds-Wade

A.M. Dodds-Wade lives in Winter Garden Florida with his husband and cats. With a career of theme park operations and training, Adam breaks away from writing ride manuals to fiction on occasion. Genres ... [+]

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Bolivar T. Caceres

Bolivar T. Caceres is a Bronx-based artist and writer. His poems appear on ShortEdition and Ariel Chart. He is also the author of the chapbook Outside My Garret Window, published in 2020. He currently ... [+]

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Lia Smith

I write novels & short stories. With a small, local press, my husband and I are publishing a book about MUNI, San Francisco's bus system.

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J. Raynaud

French, what else ? Premier roman : La séparation, éd° L'ire de l'ours, 2022. Kindle via Amazon. And a comic play ... [+]