Lycéenne écrivaine en herbe quelque part sur Terre... "J'écris seulement si quelque chose me coule du coeur jusqu'aux mains" *Christiane BOBIN Pour combattre le racisme, soyez un Panda  [+]


I really like the driving rain.
Where I get all soaked up,
The drops that run down my cheek
Without me chasing them out of my face.

'Cause in the rain, no one can see me crying
No one can tell my tears apart
To the raindrops that fall.

With my hood and boots,
Who will dare to approach me,
Without recognizing me ?

With my rain and my tears,
Who will come to comfort me
One more time in this rain ?

In the rain I am no longer anyone
But I like to be invisible...
It's like finally feeling like someone... someone who really exists.

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