Lost Friendship

il y a
1 min

Lycéenne écrivaine en herbe quelque part sur Terre... "J'écris seulement si quelque chose me coule du coeur jusqu'aux mains" *Christiane BOBIN Pour combattre le racisme, soyez un Panda  [+]


It all began when you were lost
I was in the front, cold as hoarfrost
Why did you come to see me here,
When I came out of nowhere ?

And you know, that rainy day when we met,
I kept it in my memory very carefully,
And you also have not forgotten, warily
'Cause you gave me your sweat !

Until the day you betrayed me, you !
Oh, I remember that driving rain...
I saw you lying to me in front of me, always you !
I don't know if I cried over and over again.

Since that day, I hate the rain and
You thought I was that little drop,
That you wipe down, a little bit stunned.

That's why I hate you, my ex-friend, now
And then even if you look at me badly
I'll always be me, stretched like a bow...

Go away and forget me !


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