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Latest news 05-31-2021

[US] Short Story Dispensers Make Strides, Despite Pandemic

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French publisher Short Édition made waves in U.S. libraries with its innovative Short Story Dispenser, which quickly gained exposure through a project called “Fostering Creative Community Connections,” a partnership between the publisher and Public Library Association (PLA), and funded by the Knight Foundation. The project was piloted in 2018 in four libraries: Akron-Summit Public, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Wichita Public and Richland Public in Columbia, SC. and, as testament to its success, all libraries renewed with Short Édition after the initial grant ended.

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[US] Machine dispenses short stories with the press of a button

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CBS News - Let There Be Lit

Reading for pleasure is at an all-time low in the United States. A recent government report revealed Americans read for fun about 17 minutes each day. And the percentage of Americans indulging in leisure reading on any given day dropped by nearly 30 percent between 2003 and 2017. One solution to our short attention spans and even shorter spurts of free time are short stories. They are low commitment and high gratitude, and can transport readers to far-flung places.

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