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A new kind of literary pulse

Short Édition is reviving the timelessness of storytelling with its original Short Story Dispensers.

Accessible literature: a storytelling revival

Short Édition is passionate about the simple pleasure of short stories.

The Short Édition vision is to make literature accessible to all, by putting short stories – whether they be fiction, poetry, comics strips or children’s stories – into the hands of readers.

Founded in 2011, the company launched the Short Story Dispenser concept in 2016 and has now started to reach readers on each corner of the globe – from Paris to Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Original and simple, the Short Édition connected Short Story Dispensers print out short stories for free at the touch of a button, in both unexpected and everyday places.

Users simply press a button to choose and 1-, 3- or 5-minute story, and the dispenser prints an original short story on eco-friendly paper. Completely free of charge for the user, the Short Story Dispensers are often positioned in waiting areas and on commuter routes. Reading the printed stories makes the act of waiting, or travelling, a much more enjoyable experience.

Short Édition has now dispensed more than 8 million short stories written by 1,500 independent authors. The company even has an online community of 340,000 readers who have signed up to receive more original content.


The company

Today, Short Édition employs 15 people, in Grenoble, Paris and Philadelphia, all sharing the same ambition to promote reading and writing and all convinced that technology can serve culture. Thanks to a little creativity and a lot of R&D, the Short Story Dispenser was born. It was launched in Grenoble in October 2015 and was the topic of a huge media storm and reached the ears of a famous short story publisher, Francis Ford Coppola. He immediately decided to get one for his literary Café Zoetrope in San Francisco, and later for his wineries in Napa Valley for international visitors.