Vrishni Maharaj is based in Trinidad and enjoys creating abstract, stimulating pieces on themes based on her perspective on society and aspects of daily life.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #04

She sells 
On the seashore
Sure, she sells these
But does she see the shore? 

Or only the shells in her sandy hands
Bleached by the sun's toothy smile
Yet colored in comparison to the pale sea

Oh did she but see the sea
Poseidon's trident would oft strike her heart.
She longed for his balmy, reposeful caress
The cool waves shaking their foamy heads

                         To dance

To dance

                                            To dance

How she did wish to have seaweed for hair
Corals for eyes
And sea shells for ornate breasts
And the skin of mermen many
Draped as lowly hung skirts on slender, scarlet hips

As they


        And sway

                       And sway

Their murmurs drumming rhythmically
In the heart of her seashells

"Dear sea shells,
Would you not whisper to me?
And tuck my soul into the shell of the sea?"

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved


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