Sydney Sackett is a speculative fiction author and poet pursuing her English major in FSU, Maryland. Some of her work appears in Menacing Hedge, Blue Marble Review, MONO., and Not One of Us. Find her at "There Was An Old Lady" is in Short Circuit #09, Short Édition's quarterly review.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #09
Binaural classics on repeat while she
sleeps and writes and eats, and
D, vitamin variety, for sun loss come
winter, an anemic's pick—quick fix-it
before British oat milk ordered overseas
which drains her calcium, causing
supplements, bulk silicon packs in
boxes back to back, add powdered protein
to grow on, then wash down with yoga
night and morning, Yoplait breakfast
hold the rest for after tea; a toast to
nourish organicity in search of
glorious longevity

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