M. Jagger Moore is a writer with two opposable thumbs and a habit of falling off trains. He enjoys many pursuits and is generally hopeful for the future.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #08
The summers aren't so lonely on Plum Island.
It's me, the plum trees, the plum birds,
and the occasional plum song.

Sometimes I miss my studio apartment in the city,
my rainy bay windows, my boots with the hole
in the heel, my mug that says You Are Awesome
in big black letters like a newspaper clipping.

But I don't get the newspaper on Plum Island.
I just get a bit of plum sun, lay down
on the plum sand, write in big plum letters
You Are Awesome and watch the plum waves
wash the words away.

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Image of Vansh Malhotra
 Vansh Malhotra · ago
Awesome poem:)

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