For her

For her, it was sitting in nature.
Taking the sounds for the wind, the pages of her book flies with its whispers.
Around her, the Earth greets her with open arms,
embracing her with cool wind and sunny eyes.
The leaves rustling, almost as if there was a conversation to be had.
For her, it was the scratch of the pencil against the paper.
The sound lost in the chirps and wisps.
For her, it is the environment that has decided to welcome her presence.
Its laughter in the air and the spicy taste of excitement in the air.
She welcomes this taste, for it is something that she is familiar with.
She is not the happiest about the laughter, it is too loud.
But she is too busy to hear it.
For her, it is what she eats.
The taste of cherry and apple holds her hostage.
It might be artificial,
so is the reality she decided to be in.
For her, this is peace.
For her, this is happiness.
For her, this is just the beginning.