New Year, Same Goal!

Even though a lot has changed in the past year and we're all still trying to adjust to our new normal, there's one thing that has remained with us all along: the sense of community and need to connect with one another, whether we're nearby or far away.

And what better way to connect with fellow students from all around the world than through art? To hear aloud so many written voices, in all their glorious diversity? To give your creativity the platform it rightly deserves?


Starting January 17th, Short Édition invites students from all participating universities to submit their short stories, poems and creative nonfiction stories of 7,500 characters or less, entering into our annual inter-university contest, Long Story Short Award 2022.

Through this creative writing contest, we hope to offer a place — online and eventually in our Short Story Dispensers — to share your stories, publishing them alongside those of fellow students both at home and across various campuses, creating a bridge between thousands of students around the world.

Contest Timeline

Submissions open on January 17th at 09:00 a.m. EST and close on February 21st at 11:59 p.m. EST. The Editorial Team will select 15 Finalists in each category (short fiction, poetry, CNF), and the public will select 15 Finalists in each category by voting for their favorite submissions online.

All 30 Finalists in each category, making a total of 90 Finalists, will be announced on March 21st. Once the Finalists have been announced, the Online Community votes will be reset to zero and the public will again be invited to participate in the selection of the Public Winner in each category by voting for their favorite Finalist(s) from March 21st through April 4th. During this time the Editorial Team will also read the final submissions and select one Juried Winner and one Runner-up in each category.

The Winners and Runners-up in the short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction categories will be announced on April 4th!

Winners and Prizes


The Juried Winner and Public Winner in each category will be awarded $500 each. The Juried runners-up will be awarded $250 each.
The University with the most student submissions will win a free Dispenser!

In addition, Short Édition will be considering all submissions for international publication in their 300+ Dispensers worldwide.


January 17th to February 21st
March 21st to April 4th
April 4th
  • Submit your short story, poem, and/or creative nonfiction of maximum 7,500 characters (spaces included)
  • All qualifying submissions will be published on the contest webpage shortly after receipt
  • March 21st: Announcement of Finalists
  • 15 works in each category selected by the Editorial Team as finalists
  • 15 works in each category selected based on the highest number of votes from the Online Community
  • All Finalists are set back to zero votes
  • April 4th: Announcement of Winners
  • One Juried Winner and one Juried Runner-up in each category selected by the Editorial Team
  • One Public Winner in each category selected by the Online Community

Universities in the competition...