Mike Doherty is a retired Mental Health Nurse with 50% Gaelic blood. Words and the power of meanings behind them have been his life and love. Free time leads him to Poetry late in life.

Image of General Submissions - Rendez-Vous, September 2019 issue

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I dropped 
ice cube 
the sea
which sort 
of replied 
as if to
you haven't
made much 
on me
I threw 
a twig
into a 
wood and
to myself
that will 
yet it 
still looked
the same, 
hear a
I climbed 
a high hill
and shouted 
real loud 
at the world
to stop, 
but it just
kept turning 
round and round
and turning 
the sun
and then a
little loving kiss
on the sweet neck
of my lover
lit up a warm
light and
we were 
bathed in it.


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Image of David Beaston
 David Beaston · ago
Mike, It was just my Irish luck that the first time I used the short edition machine at the airport (where I work) your poem was printed out for me. It is very beautiful and touching and hit an emotional spot with me. I took it to the breakroom and read it to my co-workers there. I later shared it with family and friends. Beautiful!
Image of Mike Doherty
 Mike Doherty · ago
David, it's a thrill to read that the words I put into this poem are travelling around and giving something meaningful to other soulful humans like yourself. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this comment, all good wishes Mike
Image of Pete Gage
 Pete Gage · ago
Mike, good to meet you again on Sunday. Thanks for your introduction into “short edition”. I have signed up and will send my first poem later today. I have read Bathed in light. It says a lot about you, you old romantic in this chaotic world in which we are so small. I like the simplicity of your poems, and I’ll look out for more. Thanks again, Pete
Image of Mike Doherty
 Mike Doherty · ago
Hi Pete, good to hear from you I really like the way you have distilled the essence of the poem. Good luck with your submission I really hope to read it here on Short Editions Cheers Mike

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