Ann Garrett was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up playing in the gully behind her family’s house, hiking in the Rockies, riding horses, raising animals and skiing. At the age of fourteen she ... [+]

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #02

Snoot the Pooch was sad one day.
"I wonder why I look this way.
My nose is doggone commonplace.
It's just so boring on my face."

"I'd feel better, I suppose,
if I could have a brand new nose!"
Snoot took paints and scissors out,
and made six brand new cut-out snouts.

Eagerly he tied one on
and in a second he was gone. 
Just like that! Quite suddenly
he found himself up in a tree.

A bright red parrot perched before him,
So close that Snoot could not ignore him.

"Folks call my nose: ‘bill' or ‘beak.'
It's hooked and thick and sharp and sleek.
Not only that—I'm quite a yak-er.
Just ask me if I want a cracker."

Snoot the Pooch said, "This is fun.
I think I'll try another one!"

He appeared in half a minute
at a watering hole with elephants in it.

"I've got two fingers in my ‘nose'
and that's not rude—but don't suppose
that you should do the same with yours!
I use my trunk to do my chores."

Snoot thanked him for that information
And continued his surprise vacation.

He was feeling brave and free,
when the next snout took him out to sea.

Snoot dog-paddled the way dog's swim
And a big fish swam up next to him.

"I'm a shark. They call me ‘Hammerhead'
and I'll admit I'm not a glamour-head.
They might not be a work of art,
But I like my nostrils far apart."

Then Snoot decided he would try
To get someplace a bit more dry.

He landed in some dirt and met
a nose he wouldn't soon forget.

"I have no teeth but I don't miss out;
my pride and joy's my lengthy snout.
You'll think it's odd to eat an ant.
That's fine for me—but kids sure can't!"

"That's right! But now I've got to say goodbye,
I have another nose to try."

Then Snoot popped up on the River Nile,
face to face with a crocodile!

"My nostrils and my pointed snout
will show you how to pick me out.
I'm different than an alligator.
Bye for now, I'll see you later."

Snoot blinked twice, for sitting there:
Proboscis Monkey! (They're rather rare!)

"My nose is bulbous as can be;
it's funny, but it's part of me.
I'll answer ‘yes' before you ask,
it does make eating quite a task."

Snoot said, "Thanks, for now I see
the way I look is fine with me."

Putting all those snouts aside,
Snoot began his final ride.
"I've enjoyed my ‘nosey' roam
but I'm glad I'm back in my cozy home.

"I've learned that noses big and small
freckled, pug . . . we need them all.
In fact, I think we're doing well
As long as just our noses smell!"

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved


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