The Adventures of Captain Sundae

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The midday sun shines overhead, greeting our so-called hero, Captain Sundae, and his trusty dog, Top. Captain Sundae has been fishing all morning while Top has been busy sunbathing by the lake.

Now Top's stomach has begun to rumble, alerting Top to his favorite part of the day—lunchtime! He pulls himself to his feet and sniffs Captain Sundae's pail. Empty!

Captain Sundae looks over at Top. "Don't you worry, pal. I'll have a fish biting the end of this line any minute."

Top knows there's no sense waiting around, so he gets right to work. He puts his nose to the ground and starts searching for food. 

Top hasn't gone far when his nose catches wind of something yummy. He sniffs again. Yes.Weenies! He wags his tail and makes a beeline for his darling dogs.

Meanwhile, Captain Sundae is standing with his arms crossed, tapping his foot on the dock. "There must be something wrong with these worms," he says to an absent Top. "We'll have to go back to the bait shop."

Just as Captain Sundae turns to go, he catches sight of smoke rising from the trees. "A forest fire!" he cries. The fearless Captain immediately launches into hero mode. After calling the fire department, he straps his oversized hydration pack onto his back and leaps onto his motorcycle. "You stay here, Top," Captain Sundae shouts as he peels away. "This could be dangerous."

Captain Sundae speeds toward the smoke. When the smell of burning wood makes his nostrils flare, Captain Sundae hits the brakes, his bike skidding to a halt. "Leave this to the professionals," he declares as he whips his super sousing water gun out of its holster and connects it to the water tubing on his monster hydration pack. As he pulls his goggles down over his eyes, he hears shouts coming from the woods up ahead. "Don't worry!" he yells as he races toward the flames. "Captain Sundae will save you!"

At his first glimpse of fire, Captain Sundae begins to squirt, pumping his water gun as fast as he can. "I've got this!" he calls into the thicket as the water streams from his gun. Captain Sundae's heart pounds wildly.  The whoops and shrieks are louder now.  He is almost at their source. Huffing heavily, he bursts through the bush, closing his eyes and spraying madly.

Suddenly, the noises cease. Captain Sundae opens one eye. He grins as he notes that he has successfully extinguished the flames. Then he opens his other eye and finds himself face to face with a wet and angry man wearing a Boy Scout uniform. Looking around, Captain Sundae sees the confused looks of a dozen, dripping Boy Scouts. Then he hears a familiar yap. Captain Sundae swivels around and discovers Top sitting beside a heaping plate of soaked hot dogs.

At that moment, firemen arrive. "What's going on here? Where's the fire?"

"We were just enjoying our campfire, playing games, and roasting frankfurters when—," begins the Boy Scout Troop Leader.

"It's all under control now," Captain Sundae interrupts, holding up one hand. "No need to thank me," he continues, puffing out his chest. 

With faint murmurs of "Who was that man?" echoing behind him, Captain Sundae disappears through the forest to return to his motorcycle. "Just another day saving the community," he says proudly as he mounts his bike. 

At the sound of the ignition starting, Top bounds out of the bushes and takes his place on the back of Captain Sundae's bike, a long chain of weenies trailing from his mouth. 

With another heroic feat under his belt, Captain Sundae retreats to his home away from home—the ice cream parlor. "Good deeds deserve great desserts! Wouldn't you say, pal?" Captain Sundae promptly tosses Top the cherry from his sundae, and Top responds with a resounding "Arf!"

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