Short Fiction

Interruption during the war

Eliza Belova

In 2020, the anniversary of the victory over Nazism is celebrating. Seventy-five years ago, my great-grandfather returned from the war. He was terribly injured but alive. I am writing this essay not ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Mountain That Gives

Alec Madden

Bright arc lights raced from the rising sun,slicing through the humid invasion of a midsummer heatwave.The gross feeling of stifled calmness visually emptied through the straight edge posture of The ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Walk Down Cherry Street

Ivy Gomes

In the year 2020, all across the United States, Americans still live segregated from one another based on the hue of our skin. There has never been a Martin Luther King, no Civil Rights Act, no ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Call

Katherine Weaver

Her mother’s name was Lara, too.
As her port-colored thumb hovered over the contact card on the unfamiliar iPhone’s screen, her eyes stinging as her mascara mixed with her tears, she knew ... [+]

Short Fiction

Being Caught up

Darryl Sanford

“Repent! For the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” How many thousands of times had he heard his father preach this? Noah remembered the conversation as he watched the bodies rise from the ground ... [+]

Short Fiction

Mind that cannot Stick

Amaya Dressler

“Let’s keep looking,” Dad insists. His ruddy, calloused thumbs peel through a bouquet of antique vinyls, smearing each contact with a greasy residue. 
It’s Christmas evening. A rich ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Blue G-36

Tanzim Tanmoy

“You Don’t have to do this”    
“Why? If anything, I am the only person who should do this.”    
“You can’t change the way the world works you know, things happen and ... [+]

Short Fiction

Never Stop Moving

Alexandra Angheloiu

The girl had been accustomed to change for her whole life. Change is what happened when she moved from Cleveland, the place where she was born, to Boston. There were no memories from this place ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Great Interruption

Rachel Rosenblatt

Triggers are not absolute. They can be the color red, a sunny day, an indecipherable half-smile. For me, there is no obvious reason why the walls close in. No hidden meaning for the sudden shallow ... [+]

Short Fiction

Fart Boy

Jake Lipinsky

It is probably a strange experience to live your life with a rare neurological disability. I don’t know anything about that but I do have Tourette syndrome. I don’t call it a disability because ... [+]

Short Fiction

Time to Paint

Sraavya Pinjala

The sun had just barely risen above the ragged ridges of the mountains in front of me. The jagged peaks fragmented the sunlight which poured its golden hues across the landscape. Hundreds of ... [+]

Short Fiction


Jessie Komala

Why is this light so bright?
I lower the brightness on my phone screen so I don’t blind myself while lying in bed, and I immediately have flashbacks to my mom telling me, how bright lights in ... [+]

Short Fiction

Life Interruptions

Leah Lumeya

Urgency. Urgency is the word that she felt as they said a final farewell to their hostess and climbed into the rented car that would take them to the airport. Now that their personal belongings were ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Light is On

Zack Slansky

And then it’s up the ladder with his echoing clack clack on each rung a number of stories high. The never-before-on light went on today and lit his face all amber aglow in the office where, alone ... [+]

Short Fiction

Morning in Fordlet

Pat Rocchi

I exited the Interstate toward the Fordlet Hotel after a late night preparing my annual presentation to the local business leaders. My slides were finished days ago, but my words still needed ... [+]

Short Fiction


Stark Lee

The whistles and chirps of song birds float in on the cool breeze that crosses through my window. With the curtains drawn apart and window fully open, the sound travels on swift morning gusts. ... [+]