What happens when some quirky Frenchies create a machine that brings stories to unexpected places?

Retirees drink mojitos to the sound of Robert Frost read aloud at happy hour… American kids meet French protagonists, British pirates, and Chinese superheroes… A young lawyer, several scrolls of stories in hand, captivates the midnight crowd at a local pub in Santa Barbara Waiting for the dispenser to talk, curious travelers put their ears up to the machine in a train station late at night A group of girls read stories aloud in line for the bathroom in a bar in France A librarian watches a young kid push the button relentlessly until the paper runs out and the tears begin... Grown men in business suits sit about reading CVS-length receipts in the lobby of Boston's Prudential Center Dispensers are disappearing all over the place And popping up one town over with no explanation

And whether you’d call it chaos or a perfectly conducted symphony of stories, a new kind of literary pulse is born.

And we plan to keep it going... To all the abibliophobes out there, don’t worry, we’re back – here to intrigue the bookworms, captivate the lollygaggers, and indulge the eccentric, all those out there looking for buttons to press and written words to explore. In other words, we’ve got a new review and are officially taking the liberty of short circuiting your dispensers, fueling the current with new energy and a fresh beat every three months. Short Circuit will disrupt the literary flow on a quarterly basis with our latest original stories and poems.


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