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Dennis Edelen

I like to see where I've been. That's why I ride backwards on the metro.

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Lamb of God

Ed Johnson's gone off t' the bridge
Won't be comin' back again
Crowd come and' took 'im ... [+]

Qualified America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Poetry
Short Fiction

Burning Man, a fable

It came to him suddenly, as he ran down the street screaming and on fire, that he was making a spectacle of himself.
After all, this was a modest neighborhood of well-maintained lawns and sensible ... [+]

Short Fiction

Prince Mortimore: Who He Was and What Happened to Him

Once upon a time, in a kingdom so far away it staggers the imagination, there lived a handsome prince named Mortimore. To be perfectly honest, Mortimore was not that good looking. He wore tremendously ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Set Stories Free 2018