Amaranthe Ivory Violeta

Amaranthe Ivory Violeta lives in NRH, Texas and mothers two "lost boys"; ages 5 and 11. Stumbling into motherhood at the age of 15 and leaving the nest early, she continuously learns about life through teaching them. She has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of twelve, using creative mediums to express her perceptions of a kaleidoscopic reality and the labyrinth that is her mind. She attends University at UTA and is inching her way towards a Master's degree in Forensic Biology. Presently, she is working to put together her first poetry chapbook, as well as writing childlike books to be designed for adults to consume. In her spare time, she adventures with her children and faces each day as entirely new and full of potential; never looking back.

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Published works

Short Fiction

The other place

Amaranthe Ivory Violeta

Here in this place of other, I am an observer.
On an eerily tall mountaintop, I stand. It’s dark shadows and peaks crawling high up into the ether, allowing for a birds eye view of the world ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Short Fiction
Creative Nonfiction

Prison of flesh

Amaranthe Ivory Violeta

The process and length of the decay of flesh, any flesh, depends. Little things. Big things. Many things. But generally once the rot has set in, this process is irreversible. You see ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction