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Romance in the air...

The Grand Hotel de Cabourg, in Normandy (France) is well known for his special link with Marcel Proust. The legend says that this great french author from the 20th century started to write In Search of Lost Time, his most famous work, in room 414 -his favorite.
During the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, hosted by the Grand Hotel, Elodie Torrente, author on Short Edition, was invited to get inspired by these unique atmosphere and places... and write a unique romance short story.

May the odds be with you...

Feeling lucky? Why don't you try your chances by playing with our brand new random stories tool just below?
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Classics... but short!

This is it! You have been waiting to read your favorite classical authors... and Short Edition made a selection of their short stories just for you.
We are very proud to invite you to discover and rediscover their poetry and fictionnal stories, from the 16th to the 20th century!

Random stories

Random stories

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