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Image of Stephen King never sleeps !

Stephen King never sleeps !

I think we all agree, Stephen King is undeniably a literary genius. Although I wonder if he is truly human... He wrote his first short story at the age of 6, and since he has never ceased to drop his pencil!
His first novel Carrie was released in 1974 (for his 27th birthday), but before that he had already written several novels and short stories... recovered in the trashcan by his wife!

At 70 now, one would think he would merit a little break in his career... Well no! In 2018, the author will publish two more books: Elevation will be published on October 30th, and then a few months prior The Outsider, which will be published in May.

And let's face it... who has never been frightened to death by clowns because of It?


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