Kenneth N. Margolin is a retired attorney, father of two daughters, and lives with his wife, Judith, in Newton, Massachusetts. During his legal career, Ken vowed to avoid legalese in his professional writing, believing that good legal writing was good writing. Ken's stories have been published in print and online in Short Édition, Dash Literary Journal, Evening Street Review, Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight, The Literary Hatchet, among others; poetry in Shot Glass Journal. "The Crosswalk" was originally published in Shot Glass Journal. It is now a part of Short Édition's series, The Current.

Image of The Current - The Current
Originally published in Shot Glass Journal
Between these yellow lines,
The promise of safety
Retreats before the distraction, impatience, the rage
Of my neighbor; who on the street would wish me well,
Then behind his car's tinted glass,
Succumbs to a darkness he does not understand.

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