go on
sink your claws—
long, curving,
crescent moons,
into my scalp; sink
those keratin-sharp
claws into the soft pulpy red tissue of my scalp and pull away at the
hair follicles. don't
stop tearing away at me
until you've reached my thick skull.
smash it in.
go on.
i want you to expose my bare, pulsating brain and squeeze it, squish it,
wring out my memories and
my synesthesia and
my inability to do math.
split my synapses like hairs with your needle-like claws and unwind each neuron from its glial cell.
then tear me down from inside out;
rip out my spinal cord,
my nerve endings—
let me deconstruct myself through your claws.
leave my oozing red
bone-cracked body on the sidewalk.
i'll be a testament to forgetting.