Jenny Moore writes funny children’s books (published by Maverick) and is a previous winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. "Seasick Vick" is in Short Circuit #08, Short Édition's quarterly review.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #08
Vicky was a Viking,
one as brave as brave could be.
On land she was a legend,
but she didn't like the sea.

Boats made Vicky queasy
and the waves made her feel yuck.
She'd rather not go sailing
but poor Vick was out of luck!

The Viking chief cried loudly,
"There are battles to be won,
So, off we go, get rowing,
and let's go and have some fun!"

Vicky held her tummy
as the boat began to sway.
She wished the swirly feeling
in her guts would go away.

The world just kept on tipping
as the waves began to rise,
so Vick pulled down her helmet
to cover up her eyes.

She didn't see the monster
snaking at them from the deep.
The ship had clipped his hairline
and disturbed his monster sleep.

But Vicky heard him roaring
as her guts began to stir.
And out flew Vicky's weapon
like a smelly arrow—bleeeuuurrrgghhh!

She caught the hungry monster
with a SPLAT between his eyes—
He eyed the worried Vikings,
body shaking with surprise.

"Yuck, I'm off," he shouted
and he hurried on his way.
"Three cheers for seasick Vicky,"
cried the chief, "Hip, Hip Hooray!"

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