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Translated by Hannah Charlton

My name is Noucha, I'm eleven years old and my favorite superhero is me!

Everything in my life is magical, epic and fantastic. I live in the most beautiful house in my neighborhood even though the roof's falling apart and there are big cracks in the walls. My family is super amazing. My mom has a real gift for taking care of people and helping sick children get better. And one day my dad made himself completely invisible so that no one can find him anywhere. But I know that wherever he is, he's looking out for me.

Because my mom knows that my super powers let me take care of myself, she is never at home. Every morning I come downstairs to have my breakfast before going off to school. There is a little plate on the kitchen table with bits of toast just how I like them and a pot of hot chocolate. My mom got it all ready before going to work without making any noise to wake me. Unless it's some other fairy who wants to make me happy? To be honest, I've got no idea.

When I've finished my breakfast it's time to go, and this is my favorite time. Because I don't walk to school. I fly there.

I start off by hopping along the road and then when there's no one looking, my feet gently leave the ground. My body lifts slowly through the air, like a feather held aloft by the wind. I glide along above the road, I soar above the tiled roofs and fly over the gardens that all look the same from high up.

Going higher I can see the whole town getting tinier and tinier. The huge, dark and scary forest turns into a little, swaying, green bush, like a fluffy animal sleeping peacefully. The river I'm scared of falling in becomes just a thin, gleaming silver thread that ripples in the sun.

While I'm flying I can see through walls and below the surface of the water. I can see the fish leaping and dancing among the weed. I can even see the other kids in my class having breakfast with their parents before leaving for school. The whole world is like an open book that I fly over, just like a bird. At the foot of the mountain I can see the big gray roof of the hospital. That's where my mom works all day and sometimes at night. I look at the white walls with all the little windows, and I send her my love power to keep her strong. She's probably looking after and helping someone else, maybe even a little girl like me. I'm not sure if a superhero can have these kinds of thoughts, but I have to say that sometimes it makes me feel a bit sad.

But then it's good because I see my favorite place in the world. It's a long, flat building with red brick walls and big windows. It's where you can find answers to any questions you could possibly ask and millions of stories from all over the world. That's the library. I spend a lot of time here after school waiting for my mom to get me. Once I tried to count all the books on the shelves but there were too many. I promised myself that I would read them all until I found a heroine as strong as me.

Now I'm nearly at school and I prepare for touchdown. The ground comes towards me and I can see the hopscotch squares in the playground more and more clearly. I let myself down as gently as an autumn leaf that flutters a little before landing, so that my feet touch the ground just in front of the door.

The teacher is waiting at the door. She has a strict look, her mouth is tight and her arms are crossed over her chest.

— Dear me, Noucha, daydreaming again? Come on, hurry up and join the others in the yard.

I smile politely at the teacher and run to the playground. Daydreaming? I do a whole lot more than that. I travel without moving, I disappear as if by magic, and I can make the world do whatever I want. I just have to shut my eyes and the magic begins.

But people with no imagination could never have any idea about my powers. Not their fault, actually. Not everyone has the chance to be as magical, epic and fantastic as me!

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