We would like to thank each and every participant in the Button Fiction Spring Contest! You have all made our first international contest such a success and certainly one for the books at Short Édition. We can’t believe we had the opportunity to dive into more than 250 stories written by writers representing more than 20 countries around the world!

And now, the results are in, and we are proud to announce our Spring 2019 Button Fiction winners and runners-up!

Selected by the Jury


Button Fiction Winners Trophy
  • “Streets of Gold” by Stephen Hundley

    Hundley’s beautiful use—or should we say mastery—of language in his short story, “Streets of Gold,” captivates you from the first line all the way to the last. The plot, eerie and compelling, comes alive through powerful imagery. We not only see but also feel the isolated coastal town buzzing with life in the “shadow of the bomb.” It’s not just that Hundley manages to say so much in such a short piece, but the way in which he says it will leave you speechless and with much to think about.


  • “Swimming Lessons” by Mal

    The author of “Swimming Lessons” brilliantly weaves two stories together, each feeding into the other, with heart-wrenching and powerful effects.

  • “Increments”  by Beckie

    Beckie’s expert use of simple language and story structure lends an effectively foreboding tone to her short story, “Increments,” a poignant and chilling tale of desperation.

  • “You Give Me Butterflies” by MacPack

    It’s official: The author of “You Give Me Butterflies” has successfully caused a physical reaction to his or her story by every member of the Short Édition editorial team! We absolutely loved this disgustingly repulsive and incredibly descriptive short story.

Honorable Mentions

Selected by the Online Community


Button Fiction Winners Dispenser
  • “The Awakening” by Keith Simmonds

    The readers especially loved the inspiring resiliency of Keith’s main character, Sonny, in “The Awakening,” a short story of redemption.