Short Fiction


Nicholas Perilli

A woman who claimed to be a chimera called the library most Tuesdays, on the old line they never got around to disconnecting after the renovations. The call went straight to a yellowed phone hung on ... [+]


Strange Fruit


If these walls could talk
endless rhythms and lyrics
of what I bared my children
what would ... [+]




And on the 8th day
God said let there be transboy
Let there be man forced to spill his blood ... [+]



Greg Parker

They find home in open water
The salmon
They do
Chum, sockeye, king, silver, pink ... [+]

Short Fiction



She repeats the word slowly, tonguing it, pushed from one side of her mouth to the other, the taste enough to offend, and yet still, she finds herself curious of the flavor’s true origin. ... [+]

Short Fiction

Small Revolutions

Morgan Sullivan

“You know,” my best friend, Maggie, leaned forward in that same enticing way a child does while passing along a secret.
She was always starting her thoughts off like that. You know? They ... [+]


Fishes and Snails


Every day I wake up weirder than the last.
I am a fish with scales instead of years.
I am a ... [+]

Short Fiction

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Max Chambers

"Hi. My name is Max," I state flatly. "Hi Max," responds a cheerful chorus of voices seated in the crooked oval formed by our metal fold up seats. Every Narcotics Anonymous (or NA) meeting starts ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Sunshine State

Laura Bates

Our new house really felt like a home, with cockroaches and two pit bulls and a palm tree and a chain-link fence. On that first day, I heated up a can of kidney beans for breakfast and ate it ... [+]

Short Fiction


Peter Ott

"Yeah," Darius said into the phone as Jessica, the receptionist, made no attempt to disguise her eavesdropping. "I just finished the work-trade shift and will take a class with Hannah. After, I'll ... [+]


Urban Symphony


It starts with a missed beat;
A percussive cue lost in the cacophony of city-
scape parades ... [+]