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I was born in a little village called Hopetown on the planet Ennth. It was a happy childhood, I guess. Ennth was a nice planet, besides the fact that the occupants had to completely evacuate it every eight years.
In its orbit, the moon grazed the atmosphere causing increased tidal forces and gravity anomalies, wiping out everything from earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves. The first time I can remember that it happened was when I was nine. The authorities started the evacuation and I was one of the first ones up. They transferred all of the refugees to floating space stations orbiting the planet. My parents were rescue workers, both of them given the responsibility to drag people out of the building debris from early earthquakes.
One day, I was called to the bridge of the station. A man in a uniform told me that my parents had gotten crushed in a building during one of the quakes. At first I didn’t want to believe it.
Finally, I realized the truth: That I was all alone. Unable to stand the cramped quarters without companionship, I stowed away on a supply transport. I’d have to hide in the storage compartments of different ships for the next several weeks to keep from getting caught.
One day, I became careless and fell asleep near the cargo hold door. I was discovered by an old supply runner named Peckum. He decided to adopt me since he didn’t want me wandering around the entire galaxy. He took me back to his home, a small apartment on Coruscant.
While he ran supplies, I usually filled my time scavenging around the lower levels for bits of machinery to fix or pawn off. It was on one of these excursions that I met the Solo twins, who were likewise interested in finding scraps, though mostly for keeps. We instantly befriended each other and had great adventures. There’s just something about a bunch of teenagers let loose among a world with so much to discover and do. But not all good things last.
Soon afterward they were sent to Yavin 4 for Jedi training. I kept to myself, still strengthening my friendship with old Peckum.
On one of the twins visits back, we ran into some trouble with a gang in the lowers and I got myself caught. I thought they’d hold me captive for a ransom or something but apparently the gang was working for someone else. Not long after, visitors came. “Recruiters” they called themselves. They beat and threatened to kill me if I didn’t go with them. I resisted.
I woke up in a spacious, metallic room. A man walked in and explained what happened. He was Lord Brakiss, leader of the Dark Jedi of the Second Imperium. He said I had a very high potential as one of them.
At first I resisted, but after some time I started becoming bitter toward my friends. Angered from a dispute we had just before I was captured and from the fact that no one had checked to see if I had any Jedi potential before the twins left, I decided to join Dark Jedi. Even then, no had come to rescue me so I had to take care of myself. I agreed to cooperate with the training.
I soon rose to the top of my class, surpassing all in my talent and skill, except Lord Brakiss, of course. To prove my supremacy, I had a battle to the death with my fellow student, Vilas. I won.
The empire was ready to strike back with a vengeance against the New Republic. We would start with Luke Skywalkers' Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. I was to be the leader of our Dark Knights.
We our siege on the academy and it seemed like we were victorious. But in the end, the Second Imperium, along with my beautiful Shadow Academy, was destroyed. Having seen my master blow up, all of my trainees killed, and the realization that the squabble between the twins and I had really been my fault, I surrendered.
I soon enrolled in the academy to learn to be a jedi, the right way. Thankfully no one had been hurt but we had caused considerable damage to the school and the student’s way of life. I could not get away from the guilt of my actions, the burning thoughts that haunted me from that time. I new I needed to get away.
One day, Peckum showed up. It was very good to see my old friend. For the last few years he has been doing supply runs to Yavin 4 to bring food for Master Skywalker. Glad to see me again, and hearing that I wanted to leave, he gave me his ship, the Lightning Rod. It wasn’t the prettiest piece of space trash out there but the Republic was giving him a new one anyway and he could hop a ride back to Coruscant with Luke.
So, saying farewell to all my friends and thanking Master Skywalker for his faith in me, I set off. Not sure where to go, I cruised in space for awhile. Home, I thought. Ill go home. It had been awhile since I had seen Ennth. I punched in the coordinates and shot into hyperspace.
The people of my planet were just starting to evacuate again after an 8 year time of peaceful living. I helped with the rescue efforts, just like my parents had done before me, shuttling civilians from the ground to the space stations in orbit. Many people died trying to save others. I knew this life of constant upheaval was not for me.
Maybe I would try being a bounty hunter. There was no permanent residence and the pay was good, if you were successful. So, with that thought in mind, I went to the best place to try and find a bounty. Borgo Prime. The ultimate pit of scum and villainy.
At a loss after my arrival there, I spent days wandering around through the different ports. And then I happened to find my way to a popular interspecies bar called Shankos' Hive...

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