il y a
1 min
The wind whips my hair across my eyes and subtly reminds me I need to get it cut before seeing another RA. Id have to ask john about that since Andrew was out of town for the weekend. I am standing atop the Jequot educational center looking down upon campus, and have a vision. Probably not the kind you're thinking of. No ethereal being revealing the next stage in Gods will for men. A literal vision.
There are many buildings spread out before me, but my focus is only on five. The white five. They were the start of the rest this place. As word spread, people came, not in flocks, but they came. As they grew in number and in wisdom, so did the buildings. The heart of Northland became greater, truer. To this day, people still come, growing in the Word and submitting themselves to the Greatest Call. The campus is still expanding, Poplar trees are planted and blueprints are drawn as students continue to apply themselves spiritually and academically.
The rush in my ears continue and I squint to see over the horizon. This is my place, my heart.
This is my school.

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