Short Story

il y a
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It was a dry, dusty day in the town of Bangul. The local watering hole was filled with familiar faces, some from town, some from way out it in the boondocks.
They were all here for the same reason. No speech or big parade was planned.
No streamers decorated town hall. Just a court case.
A simple court case.
Yet, not so simple. Young Brian Tuck had been found with a girl again, Debbie Harper. That wasn’t such a big surprise, it happened often enough in these parts.
Bob Forman was surprised his bar was so filled up, “Hell, been at least 9 years since it was this full” he thought, “since the drought back in ’87.”
He wasn’t about to argue with business though, if people were passin’ through and wanted to wet their throats, he didn’t mind.
But people weren’t just passin’ through, they were here for a reason.
The same reason.
It wasn’t so much the outcome of the trial as the participants of it they were interested in.
On this occasion, it was Tuck vs. Misouri. Needless to say, Tuck was losing. Of course, it didn’t help much that Jack Harper was the Governor...

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