Relish in the Unexpected

il y a
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I saw the moon rise behind the Sangre de Cristo mountains, completely by accident. It was fat and nearly full and brought tears to my eyes. This entire day has been a series of exceptional events. It started as I checked out of the hostel in Santa Fe and found myself driving a former pro-wrestler and his bicycle up to Taos. He knew the area well and filled me with ideas on how to spend a day.

A peacock startled me from the bushes of a Hanuman temple. I found the French antique shop filled with oddities such as glass eyes and ancient chastity belts. I strolled through a UNESCO World Heritage site, Taos Pueblo, which has been inhabited for a thousand years: blue corn fry bread with chokeberry jam and an Indian tea made the perfect meal. Along the way to viewing the Earthships, I found a dusty trail along the Rio Grande Gorge. I pulled my car over to take in the textures and colors of what seemed like a painting– a field peppered with horses and sagebrush in a light that was somehow both cloudless and soft.

Admittedly, some days begin with a sense of anxiety, uncertain of where I’ll go and what I’ll do; but when I surrender to the Not-Knowing, I let myself be open to the beautiful gifts of the Unexpected.

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