il y a
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I opened my eyes and noticed immediately I was unable to move. I didn’t know why, my muscles burned every time I tried. My surroundings were dark, except for twelve flames that seemed to be floating in the air. Noticeable, but not bright enough to illuminate much. Suddenly, one of the flames sputtered, and went out. I was taken back, who did that?
One by one, the rest of the flames went out, leaving an inky blackness in the room. Then suddenly, a lone face shone in the darkness. I slowly began to see better, and realized the face belonged to a man, who was kneeling on the floor. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and khakis, with no shoes on his feet. The man seemed to be mouthing something. I strained to hear, but it just wasn’t possible, even though he wasn’t even feet from me. Now he was crying, tears streaming down his face. What a face. It was square, a handsome man, with a five-o’clock shadow. But the eyes, his eyes carried such a weight in them, like he knew your thoughts. Passion poured out of him, a burden for someone or something. But he was preoccupied, focused on something seemingly far away.
A sound. I was startled, and even more so when I heard it again.
“Please”, he whispered.
I looked around, trying to see who he was talking to, finally acquiescing that there was no one besides us. His eyes still far away, “Please.”
Who was he begging to? This guy looked like he could whoop anybody if he wanted to. And if dressed in a three piece, might have just walked off a GQ shoot.
The man finally, hung his head, as if surrendering. But then raised it a moment later, a new light in his eyes.
“Alright...” came the answer.
He took a deep breath. At this point I realized I had been holding mine, and exhaled slowly to calm my nerves. What happened next didn’t help in the least.
The mans next breath was loud and rattling, in a freakish way. What I had taken to be just darkness in the room, was actually mist. Very black mist. And the man was inhaling it with every breath. But it didn’t stop there. As the room got clearer, I saw that it also slowly invaded his ears and his eyes. Not even reading science fiction could have prepared me for this. Unearthly moans came from the man on the floor. He was in pain. The mist WAS pain.
Soon, all I could see was large black cloud encircling him. The screaming started then, like someone being tortured. I saw nothing, nothing that could be hurting him; it had to be the cloud. I don’t know how long this went on. Too long.
Eventually I heard him yelling something in a different language, as the last of the cloud dissipated. He was slumped on the floor, and finally slid to the floor, his head facing me.
His eyes were lifeless, like black orbs staring blankly at the ceiling. I was nervous, Id never seen a dead person before. I stepped carefully toward him, and stopped a few inches away. It was unnerving staring into those eyes, so I looked away. It was then that I noticed the red stream that was working its way from under the body. It was blood. The little streams met and joined into a river, flowing to the middle of the room. I bent and looked closer at the blood. Something caught my eye, a reflection, I looked closer and what I saw was one of the scariest things ever.

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