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Bonjour, je me présente en tant qu’étudiante au secondaire, je suis à ma cinquième année et j’ai toujours eu un penchant pour l’écriture et la lecture. I also speak English and I usually  [+]

So many thoughts, so many emotions, do I want to cry? No- they’ll see the salt left from my tears. Do I want to smile? No- they’ll see the wrinkles that has brought the years. Do I want to be angry? No- it’s not pretty to show.
What should I do? There’s a no everywhere, wait hold on let me ask the others.
And you sir? What do you think you’ll become? With all these restrictions, don’t you feel trap?
And you m’lady, how about the way you are dressing, do you have to ask yourself everyday if what you put on is respectable for public?
And you kid? When you see all this, you probably don’t think about it but- isn’t it scary to see that when we are growing we’re not doing anything amusing? Of course there will be good moments but there are not enough.
And you, grandma? You have lived so much, even though you’re still judging. What a shame, why wouldn’t you be open-minded, trying to understand, instead of complaints? Maybe it was harder for you back then, in your past, but nothing last, so enjoy the changes, enjoy the new blast humanity is creating. Can we please stop for a minute and think about if we are doing something worthy or worthless? Are we going to help anything so far? Are we going to save our lives from ourselves, even the organizations to save the planet they fail. Maybe we are just all meant to deserve a place in hell.

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J’ai l’impression de vivre dans un interminable « Blue Monday », comme enfermé dans les profondeurs obscures du premier jour de la semaine, un océan de solitude à traverser pour atteindre... [+]