LUKMEF drills NGOs on importance of smart budgeting software

il y a
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Officials of the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Foundation, LUKMEF, a Buea-base non-for profit organization has just rounded off a one-day training symposium of sister NGOs selected throughout the national territory.

The workshop which took place the conference hall of Fakoship plaza last Saturday had as aim to educate civil society on the usage of smart budget software and the advantages that comes with it. It equally presented an opportunity for the executives of the NGO to throw more light on the significance of the Minimum Package of Prevention and Response Services for Gender-based Violence and the recent strides in rooting the societal ill.

The co-founder cum Chief Executive Officer of LUKMEF, Tanyi Christian highlighted that the advantages of digitalising all financial transactions of organisations cannot be over emphasized.

Presenting the software built by LUKMEF IT experts, Tanyi Christian explained that the software provides a platform for NGOs to keep track of their financial transactions, encouraging transparency and accountability.

Speaking during the workshop that saw the training of dozens of representatives of the NGOs who answered present Tanyi added that NGOs that generate a lot of financial operations can cause confusion and anarchy if the organisation does not have a well-organized financial filing system.

“This usually causes panic with accountants helter-skelter when there is an is time NGOs go digital and embrace the numerous benefits therein and that is why we decided to make available the Smart budgeting software,” he said.

To Nigal Mbaya Ngia, programme manager of Bamenda-based Interfaith Vision Foundation Cameroon, IVFCam who spoke to this reporter at the end of the daylong workshop retorted that the importance of digitalising activities of NGOs is very important not just to the executives but national and international partners.

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