Intergalactic Anomaly

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Captain Abromovich, breathed heavily, steaming the inside of his helmet as the spacial MIST crept closer. The final routine maintenance outside of his interstellar craft was underway before it's re-entry to planet earth from their long trip back from MIRANDA.

Malfunctions had started on their way through the Keplar belt, they where rectified, the Captain thought no more of it. But that must have been where it had attached itself to the craft, lying in wait for this moment, possibly in a cryogenic state during travel.

It was then that he saw it, a type of MIST was tearing through the inside of the ship and was now enveloping the exterior of the craft. The Captain's ship was now an out of control hunk of metal heading towards the earth's Stratosphere. He watched as the last two of his crew inside the cargo hold, were engulfed, disappearing into its thick smog. A strange substance which should not of existed in deep space, ripped their extravehicular mobility unit suits apart. He had no idea where it had taken them, all he knew was that he was not going to be taken himself. It's swirling grey mass grew in size. The satellite attached next to the docking arm had now been consumed. The MIST crumpled it like a sweet wrapper.

Floating towards the escape pod which was still intact on the hull of the deep space cruiser, the Captain detached his safety tether, which in turn snaked away into the spacial abyss. He began to panic, his chest painfully burned with every inhalation as he sucked in pure oxygen. If he could make it, he could fire the retro rockets inside the pod on a course toward the approaching international space station. The MIST crunched a large section of solar panels sucking them into it's grey void. The Captain looked behind himself once more, checking the distance between him and The grey mass. He moved quicker than the MIST.

There was about 25 meters from him and the pod, as he heard a clunk of metal from the air compression connection to his pistol grip tool which caught around an external truss as he passed, causing him to jerk forward then back towards the MIST. The Captain fumbled trying to release himself from the entanglement. He tugged on the cable propelling himself forward once more as he ripped the tool free.

The MIST was now very close, about 10 meters seperated him from it.

Floating at speed, now just a meter from the pod's door handle he reached out, he had only one shot at grabbing the handle. There was a thud as the Captain firmly gripped hold of the pod door handle.

He quickly released the hatch and threw himself inside closing it fast. He turned the lock and positioned in the seat, strapping himself in. Punching in the launch codes, he Looked outside the capsule window. The Grey mass was now inches from his face, as he heard what could only be described as, whale sounds. A giant cigar shaped shiny metallic craft passed by the pod window blocking his view, bigger than 5 space shuttles combined. The Captain looked on in astonishment. It seemed to scoop up the MIST at an incredible speed. Behind the craft, another similar UFO chased after it firing some kind of plasma beam toward it. The Captain fired the retro rockets, boosting the capsule into orbit and in the direction of the oncoming station, away from the mysterious craft.

The pod spun around 90 degrees as the Captain set his course away from it. He watched through the pod window as the two craft were engaged in a space battle. Beams of plasma struck off each others craft, The objects performed unfathomable manoeuvres , he had never seen before. Defense shields stopped the pulses from annihilating each other, This brief star battle lasted about 1 minute as the Captain stared in awe. As quickly as this event had started, it was over. Skytech space defense from planet earth, must have already got wind of this situation and had fired a pulse of Electro missile, towards the craft. The shot had definitely interrupted their fight as each craft seemed to activate a quantum drive, both shooting away in different directions, out of view into the depths of space, at an alarming speed leaving a trail of light behind them. No sign of the MIST remained. the spacial void above earth became still and lifeless once more as the Captain took a deep breath, steadied himself and clicked the inter communications panel button, to alert the space station of his unscheduled arrival.

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