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Jay grabbed his backpack and ran through the kichen door. Just as
he was about to hop on his bike, he smacked his forhead, "lunch!" He
hurriedly searched through the fridge for something to take with him.
Just then, something caught his eye on the kitchen table. Money. He turned
around and picked it up, "ten bucks!” This will be plenty for lunch, maybe
I can stop by the arcade on the way back too. Suddenly he dropped it as
if it burned him, his concience was working. 'If I took the money I'd be
able to buy my lunch like all the other kid's do.' 'Leave it alone it's not
your's, it'd be stealing.' 'Come on , take it. You'd be able to go to the
arcade with andrew after shcool.' Jay paused for a second, then quickly turned
around, afraid that if he looked at it any longer he actually WOULD take it.
Rumaging through the fridge, he soon found a lunchable, and tossed that and
a can of pop into his backpack. Just as he stuck his head out of the fridge
his mother came around the corner, ready for work. "Honey! Why are you still
here!? You'll be late!" "I was about to leave! I just had to get some...
lunch", said Jay as he glanced at the money. His mother, following his gaze
quickly said, "It's for groceries, andrew's mother called yesterday and said
they would be able to come over tonight for dinner. "Oh" Jay replied,
feeling to guilty to say anthing else. "Have a good day at school hon."
"By mom", he finally managed. Jay jumped on his bike and sped out onto the
street. He pulled into the school parking lot five minutes late. Quickly
locking his bike, Jay jogged up the step's and inside. His first period was
math class, luckily Mr. Jones only gave him a warning. It seemed like a
long day, especially literature class, it dragged on minnute by minnute.
Finally,the bell rang as last period ended. Jay met up with his best friend,
Andrew, after school in the parking lot where the bikes were. "Hey, want to
come to my house early then you could stay til' after supper", Jay suggested.
"naww" replied Andrew(Drew for short). "How about going to the arcade
instead, then I'll show you a back way to your house from there. We'll
still be in time for supper." "O.K.", agreed Jay. They "coincidentilly'
met some of Andrew's friend's on the way there, "we'll come along".
At the arcade Jay spent the three quarters he had on him. "Well, I don't
know about anybody else but I'm ready to go" said Jay, seeing no point in
staying if they had no money. "Yeah,O.K." they all agreed. As they all
got on there bikes Andrew headed out the opposite direction of Jay's house.
Thinking his freind had lost all sense of direction he yelled, "Hey!,
wrong way! "This way's shorter" replied drew, not stopping. "Alright"
jay muttered, not sure his freind new WHERE he was going. All the guy's
started following drew, so finally so did Jay. As soon as he caught up
with them, his freind turned left down an allyway between two drugstores.
"Are you SURE you know where your going? questioned jay. "Of course"
retorted Drew. When they had gone into another allyway the generall direction
of the house the guy's stopped for a rest. "What for?" asked Jay
suspiciously. "Nothing you worywort" said one of the kid's. "Yeah,
what are you anyway, a momma's boy?" sneered another one of the kid's. "No!"
replied Jay quickly not wanting his friend to think he was a little kid.
Suddenly one of the kid's reached into there pocket and brought out some
little white packet's. "What are those?" asked Jay, even though he thought
he already knew what it was. "What do you think oxbrain, what does it look
like they are?" He was handed one though he didn't open it. "No, I don't
want any" said Jay, holding out the stuff for the kid to take back. "It's
only white dust candy, taste it, it's good." Jay didn't reply. Just then a
police car sped by the ally. Jay dropped the pack and jumped up. "What?"
Drew asked already eating the stuff. A screech of tires. Jay jumped on his
bike and looked back, the police car had reappeared and was turning down the
ally. Jay started pedalling so fast his tires squeaked. "Hey! What!?
Drew said, but it was too late, the police car was baring down on the kid's.
By this time Jay was out of the ally and speeding down the street. 'Maybe
I should go back, I mean he IS my best freind. Jay skidded to a stop,
turned his bike and sped back. By the time he got there they were already
gone, he could just see the police car going around the corner. 'What if
that had been me?' he thought. His friend's backpack and bike were
still there. He quickly rode home to wait for his mom to tell her
everything that happened that day. About almost stealing the money (wich he was realy glad he hadn't), about going to the arcade without her permission and Drew's new freind's doing drug's. 'Drug's', he shuddered at the thought.

Not much later she and Mrs. Wilkes walked through the front door. "Hi honey,
wheres Andrew?" "That's what I need to tell you about mom...

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