A Dream

il y a
1 min
Last night I dreamed that I had lost something. I climbed down, waist-deep into a murky pond, dredging the bottom with fingers and toes scouring through the muck. I couldn’t remember what it was I was looking for, but I reasoned I would realize the missing object once it was within my grasp. There were a few strings going deep into the water from the surface and I tried to follow their paths as clues: red herrings in the search.

A doe approached the water. I startled her into a dance of advancing and withdrawing until I found a bottomless box to hide within. It seemed that my humanness is what scared her and the disguise had worked. Before I knew it, she was gliding directly towards me in the water, examining my face as if she were searching for a person who she ultimately could not find.

I cannot remember more of the exchange; only being transported back on land where I made my way through a gypsy camp or Indian village, passing fawns of many different sizes, all sprinkled with delicate white spots. The doe had been decorated with pink garments and white trim as if she were a princess or a goddess or a parade queen.

Suddenly, I was transformed as well, a doe adorned in the color of amethyst.

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