A Black Hole at Heart Square

il y a
3 min
- I cried you see, I missed you, I wanted you to be there, I cried inside but it did not flow through the eyes, I cried in my head, tears flowed but it was not visible.

- Why do states go to war? And, why would not they share the riches instead?

- Do you want me to get out of your bed? You know that if you do not accept a man in your bed, he will never fall in love with you. But, no, not me.

- I want a dog. I want a dog, I want a dog. Why no ? But no, you do not understand, I can not ask dad, he will not want to. Yes, by force, you're going to accept, huh? When we have a house, will it be ok? He will have the garden. Okay, a cat. Why ? Why can not we? And a school of fish, come on, we buy a bench, with lots of fish: I know! Come here we go this afternoon, we take red, many colors, and they will swim before us. Or a ray? It's beautiful a line, oh no, no, I prefer a baby shark. Or a chameleon? Too big, just take a little! Okay, I would feed them, I would feed them every day. And when we eat fish, I would say breaded, so that he does not understand, while we are eating, so he will not be afraid to eat him, he will not know that we eat fish. And parrots? Or a cockatoo? Go mouse, mom, mouse, but brown, two mice that will make a lot of babies, it will be great they will run my shoulders safe. I give you all my money in exchange, wait I'll get them! Here! Take everything. But as long as you buy me a dog, otherwise, I do not do anything, and if you buy me a dog, I listen to everything you say! No, not an Akita. Well, someone will give me one for my birthday. I do not know who, but it will happen: it may be you? Why can not it? Of course, that's bad. Do not you want your son to be unhappy anyway?

- You forgot that you have a son? So why did you put pepper in zucchini?

- Do you want to turn off the TV?
- No thanks !

- Private DS for 1000 years, but finally how am I going to do? You can not do this to me!

- No, but stop! He is not poisoned, give me my chocolate! It's not worth checking.

- You buy me a drone?
- Good, Hulk's hands? I ask you since I'm 3 years old.

- Yes, but Spiderman, I wanted the bomb with, to make the spider's web. And you never wanted. The one with a quad, yes, thank you, but I wanted the other one.

- Well, so if you liked Hulk, you see that it's important for me, it does not look like anything but it's something that matters to me. Forget? Okay, I think I can forget almost immediately so you'll have time to buy me, but for tomorrow!

- I want to do boxing. And have huge muscles like Hulk.

- When will you buy me a bomb? But no, I'm not too small. I want to make tags. Forbidden, it does not matter, we hide, we will not see...

- If it's Art, why do you forbid me to do it then? I thought it was counter-culture?
Good, on a sheet?
- Do you agree on a sheet? Ah! I am happy ! Thank you !!!

- I would like to go back to the sea. Will you buy me a kite?

- Can not we go for a helicopter ride? Or we buy a side car: me, I drive and you put yourself next, it's me who directs. Do you agree? It does not matter, we find an old one, not too dead and we get it back. We will go shopping with.

- Do not you think the lady had a pear head? But why do you prevent me from saying it in front of her? She must know that she looks like a pear!

- If you die, I can not survive: I'm only 7 years old, do you understand?

Do you remember when you took me to the sea? Are we going back? Yes, but when ? I would like to go, we take a house by the sea, so we can have a dog, and we'll go to the beach, and as little as possible to school, you're not going to tell me that you do not would not like to live by the sea? Why do not you understand that I need a dog?

- Do bad people have a black hole instead of the heart like the black holes of galaxies?

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Renise Charles

Si un arc-en-ciel se posait à mes pieds, je pense que je grimperais dessus et que je partirais. Loin. J'ai trente-huit ans aujourd'hui et personne ne m'a souhaité mon anniversaire. C'est comme ça... [+]