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il y a
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De nouvelles œuvres ici et un petit ménage de printemps pour tenter de proposer le meilleur ! Il y a même des textes à poursuivre ! Bonne journée ! Charline.  [+]

You know, it's not easy to make a pact,
With yourself, to put it into perspective all the time,
And tell you everything's fine.

You know, it's not easy to see it clearly in panic,
What generates extra feelings,
Too buried, too heavy or too absent.

It takes a lot of greatness
A lot of maturity also to cross the Cape,
Self-satisfaction and self-persuasion,
When anxiety is present, for no reason,
Without ideas, just residues of old trauma.


I laughed so much.
I cried so much.
But I felt so much.

What has become of it my life force.
Some people have a chance to say that they have been helped.
Not me.
Some people have had support.
Not me.

it was the school of life,
You walk or you die,
You learn or you die too.

So you have to sail well to cross the Cape,
Constantly reassuring yourself,
Because in your childhood,
No one has ever done that.

I'm very strong.
But I lived.
I'm brilliant.
But I was in the shadows.
I know how to love.
But I was never loved.

Don't believe...
That everything is easy,
That everything is simple,
That everything is crystal clear.

I'm just a survivor,
Who in his multiple shipwrecks,
Found the right lifebuoys,
At the right time......

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