The One

il y a
1 min
The emblem of Christianity, shunned by humanity.
He saved and died for all,
because man ate, and took the fall.
Despised by kindred, hated by strangers,
this Man was born in a manger.
After being ridiculed, whipped, tattered,
He hung up high, broken, shattered.
It is finished, yelled at last,
by this Man, who was nailed fast.
Tortured and crucified was He,
For His love for you and me.
Three days long in the grave,
and only Mary was enough brave.
He is risen! She yelled with joy,
this Saviour, Lord, Man, and Boy.
Go ye into all the world!
I'll return, my banner unfurled.
On this note, He did ascend,
but long it took them to comprehend.
This Son of the Father, filled with love,
Baptized by man, and blessed by a dove.
Enslaved were we, when He came,
no more chains! No more the same.
Accept Him in your heart today,
the Lord, Jehovah, our Yahweh.

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