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Fluent in English, voyage le plus souvent possible hors de son esprit et parfois hors de son pays; n'ayant pas la prétention de se dire poète mais a le culot de le rêver; étudiante en droit et  [+]

On an ivory evening of fall,
As leaves started falling from the red trees,
A tardy stride could be heard at the ball
The one that would make any man at ease.

As she climbed up the marbled stairs of love
Her frail heart felt as heavy as the moon
For she knew he stared at her in the grove
And the knock on the door felt as a loon.

Ruddy, she felt her chest getting warmer
As lust ran through her veins such as poison.
She thought it would’ve been a kiss then over
But he held her tight, for they felt chosen.

Chosen by some deity, god or king
Whom, both of them, worshipped in the bedroom,
As their hands joined in a prayer or something.
They laid there on the rug beside the loom ;

And their soft lips met in a devout kiss.
Although not a word was spoken this night,
They could feel the flames in each other’s bliss.
They melted into one from the first sight.

At last, who is the one who casts the spell ?
Both of them burnt from a fire called love
Silent, but long-winded ; in a nutshell,
As plain as a flap of wings of a dove.

They invoked Air, referring to frailty ;
They invoked Fire, as a sign of scorch ;
They invoked Water, for a deity ;
They invoked Earth, and lit up as a torch.

The candles on the ground were burning slow :
Her hair testified of an untamed soul ;
As he grinned, his smile let her see a glow,
As whimsical as a midnight parole.

And from the back of her hand, she caressed
His back, she placed her hand into his hand.
By any means, she could make him obsessed
So he gazed at her like a fertile land,

A land which he had already conquered
By diving into the warmest ocean
That is her body, given unfettered
To him, in an harmonic motion.

As the two of them laid in humid sheets,
Both of their eyes met in a shy embrace
- For of their hearts they were both the elites -
And came saying « I love you », just in case.

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