Petition to Daoist Deities in Time of Wildfire and Drought

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Joss sticks curl their smoke
Around red candles aflame
Fresh water, fresh tea

Five sour green limes
Complete morning petitions
To Xuan Tian Shang Ti

And all the shui longs
Who can come from east to west
Where our land burns hot

From heat and from drought,
From our hubris and folly,
Both borne from our greed:

Please bring us cool rains
To wash smoky heavens clean,
To put out our fires,

To fill lakes and streams
So sacred salmon can thrive
As they journey home.

Xi Wang Mu, please help
With our desperate summer
Across the west side

Of Turtle Island –
From far north to south, we burn
Green trees drop their leaves

Thinking it’s autumn
Because the land is so parched
We need your relief

From your thousand maids
Who by guiding the shui longs
To our fiery lands

Can relieve us from
Smoky skies, salmon pink sun
And relentless heat.

Xuan Mu, and shui long
Please bring rain without lightning
Xi Wang Mu please help.

With humble respect
I petition you daily
And every evening.

The joss sticks are lit.
The five fresh green limes are here
With water and tea.

--Isabeau Vollhardt 2015

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