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My heart,
it hurts again today.
Must it be so often now?
Why does it come
with such a heavy price?
We deny it so
when in our youth.
All the world
revolves around us.
Our parents
on the sides;
They give a wave,
a smile of pride.
Their loving child
so busy now.
We turn and nod,
a little kiss
to blow their way.
Then off we dash,
a busy day.
The world you see
just (strictly) around me.
But with each turn,
the days that end;
the weeks, the months,
the years have passed.
So fast.
And there they sit,
our parents on the side.
Hands now frail.
Eyes struggle to see.
That warm embrace
we used to get
now trembles and shakes.
That safe harbor shelter
to protect you from the storms,
are now your arms
doing the gathering in.
But how can you protect
against the ravages of time?
I know you hurt.
Your step is slow.
I'll hold your hand.
Dry your eyes.
Let me brush your hair.
Can I still make you laugh?
Did I become someone
you're glad you know?
I listened when you talked.
Your words were what guided me,
sent me on my way.
Can you hear me now?
I miss the interest in your eyes,
the twinkle
that came down from the stars.
Talk to me again.
Do you 'remember when'?
Please don't go.
It's selfish I know,
but who will I call?
Please don't go.
My heart,
it hurts again today.
30 Mar 2012 CMacCue©

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