Ode To PMS

il y a
1 min
Image de Automne 2016
My boobs they are a hurtin',
My feet and hands are swollen.

Those teenage days,
I thought I'd put to rest
Oh so long ago,
But no!
My face, is such a mess!

These cravings deep inside,
Feed me chocolate...
Or you will die.

I rage against
the too small pants.
Why yesterday,
they fit just right.
And now my rings
They are too tight,
Can't wear them
out with pride.

Don't talk to me!
Don’t touch me there!
Why won't you hold me?
Don't you care?

My 'hors' they are a 'monen'
It's such a vicious ride.
But when the boobs stop hurtin’,
Then the dam,
It does break wide.

Who kicked me in my ovaries,
And brought me to my knees?
Bring them here before me!
I’ll kill them,
I won’t deny.
But it will have to wait
As I lie here in my agony.

Now go away and leave me alone
While I wallow in my misery;
Think I'll curl up in a little ball,
Don't mind me,
As I lie here and moan.

But please,
Before you go?


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