il y a
1 min
I lay on the grass, and stare at the sky, think of her life, and start to cry;
There is a stone, cold and grey, sitting beside me this day.

It represents a mother, and wife, but doesn’t begin to grasp her life;
Zealous servant, the inscription says, but I remember the zeal less and less.

Its like a fading memory, a dimming glow, she was the one who taught me to grow;
She fed us well, I’m healthy and strong, maybe she had known all along.

Health is good, but God is better, I remember she wrote in a letter;
Trust Him wholly with your life; He’ll take away your burdens, strife.

He saw it good to take her away, but we shall see her again one day;
If there’s one thing I have learned: God knows best, and for best I yearn.

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